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Laser-excited tapered crystal-phosphor rod
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LiDAR integrated with smart headlight and method
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Laser/phosphor, LED and/or diffuser light sources with light recycling
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Laser-assist LED for high-power ADB automotive headlight
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Hybrid LED/laser light source for smart headlight applications
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Laser phosphor illumination system using stationary phosphor fixture
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Recycling light system using total internal reflection to increase brightness of a light source
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Static-phosphor image projector and method
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Integrated LiDAR with scanning phosphor illumination system and method

International (Patent Cooperation Treaty) patent applications

Optical focusing of imaging device (WO 2021/162958, August 18, 2021, Li)
Scanner system and method having adjustable path length with constant input and output optical axes
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Laser light sources and methods
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High-speed rotary/galvo planar-mirror-based optical-path-length-shift subsystem and method, and related systems and methods