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The Lemaire Patent Law Firm is dedicated to providing full-service patent prosecution and opinions on the most difficult and complex electronic, software, magnetic and optical technologies. With nearly thirty years of experience protecting our clients' interests by successfully patenting their high-tech inventions, we know how important it is to write a solid and secure patent - and we know how to do it. When written right, patents have a chilling effect on competitors considering entering your market, and clearly written patents can help reduce the chance of costly litigation. Such patents also provide a potential counterclaim against asserted adverse patents.


Whatever technology language you speak, we will understand you.  Our patent process is faster, more efficient, and more successful, because you don't have to train us in your field or industry.  The patent attorneys and writers of LPatent® each have extensive industry experience in design, simulation, and specification writing.  This training in various technologies at the country's most advanced technology companies enables us to have a better understanding of how to properly and securely describe your invention and related technology, and suggest possible alternative embodiments and equivalents for the strongest possible patent.